Many years ago. I accompanied my son on a school trip to Plimouth Plantation. It was a wonderful trip. You got a look into how the pilgrims lived and how the native Americans lived at the time. One beautiful event touched me and those kids that left wonderful memories to this day. One of the Wampanoag boys was on break from college, studying to become an attorney in New York. He took our group under his wing and taught the kids how to play a game that could only be described as a combination of hockey, football and rugby. The Wampanoag boy and his friends must have played that game with our kids and the the parents for an hour or so. Everyone shared in the fun.

The kids loved it. My son and many of his friends took that game he taught us and brought it to their scout troop. A couple of Soccer nets and beanbag the size of a dinner plate and Whitman had a thriving group of “Wampanoag Football” enthusiasts for years. It was a moment of two cultures meeting, sharing and really appreciating each other that never faded for me or my son.

Thanksgiving was originally celebrated as a celebration of survival, brought about by the coming together of two vastly different cultures. Here’s hoping we can do the same thing this Thanksgiving. Put aside what divides us in our families, our friendships, our neighborhoods, see the value and the experience the Joy of doing it together.

Amidst the Family, Food and Football, We, at Coletta Cutler Realty wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. Have Fun Together.

Lew McConkey, Realtor

Coletta Cutler Realty